While playing in the 
water can be fun, it can also be dangerous. The AquaSMART Live! Puppet Show presentation teaches students water and boating safety lessons that can help save lives. —Provided by California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways


California Natural Resources Agency California State Parks DIVISION OF BOATING AND WATERWAYS www.dbw.parks.ca.gov
Frequently Asked Questions: How much does this presentation cost? Nothing! The California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways provides this assembly 
free of charge. Do you have any materials to distribute in the classroom after the assembly? The California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways also provides FREE AquaSMART curriculum that meets California Curriculum Standards. The curriculum includes an Instructor’s Guide with reproducible activities for the students and supplemental DVD. What will students learn during the assembly? With thousands of miles of coastlines and thousands of lakes, reservoirs and other bodies of water in California, there is no doubt that Californians spend time recreating in the water. AquaSMART Live! teaches students how to recreate safely in and around California waterways. Most of our students are not “boaters,” how will this assembly benefit them? Our program is aimed at any recreating in or near the waterways. Students will learn imperative water and boating safety lessons and will benefit any student who might be in our around any 
of California’s waterways (the ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, canals, etc.) safe. In other words it is aimed at the majority of California Students. Do the safety lessons include pool safety? Not specifically, but many of the principles can be applied to pool safety. We can only have assemblies that correspond with California Curriculum Standards; does your assembly meet California Curriculum Standards? Both AquaSMART Live! and the accompanying AquaSMART curriculum meet California Curriculum Standards. For additional information, click: How long is the presentation? Assemblies last approximately 35 minutes each. Can you perform for our afterschool program? If for some reason you cannot accommodate the program during normal school hours, AquaSMART Live! can be performed for afterschool programs as long as the performance will reach at least 
75 students. What supplies do we need to provide? We just need an electrical outlet for the audio component. The puppeteers will provide all other necessary materials. How do we book our assembly? The easiest way to book your assembly is by submitting the online 
Or you can email with your preferred date and time. You may also call us at (916) 424-4736, but please be aware that it may be difficult for us to return calls during school hours, as we often do performances during school hours. How soon should we book a presentation? We send out thousands of mailers to schools across California, but we can only accommodate 
a select number. It’s best to book as soon as you receive the mailer, as bookings fill-in fast.

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