Oil Spill Incident

A Unified Command continues to respond to the oil spill (Pipeline P00547) off the coast of Orange County.

Here is some key information for boaters who may come across the oil spill:

  • Do NOT come into contact with the oil. It is a hazardous substance and can cause a variety of symptoms including skin irritation.
  • Decontamination of Vessels: Community members impacted by the oil spill who need to file a claim can call (866) 985-8366. Vessel cleaning is scheduled upon filing a claim and will not be available without an appointment. If a vessel has been impacted by the oil spill, we want to remind people not to clean their oiled vessels with any type of soaps or dispersants or show up to a cleaning station without an appointment. Using these products can make the situation worse as they are not effective on this type of oil.
  • If you see oiled wildlife, do NOT touch the animal. Please report observations to the oiled wildlife care network at (877) 823-6926.
  • Volunteers: The volunteer program for the incident has received an enormous show of support for the environment and the community. Over 10,000 volunteers signed up to assist with the incident response. At this time, the need for volunteers has been fulfilled and CalSpillWatch will be closing its volunteer registration portal. A huge thank you to everyone who signed up and for all your support, you are greatly appreciated. Official thank you statement here: calspillwatch.wildlife.ca.gov/Volunteer.
  • Tar Ball Sightings: If you spot oil, please contact tarballreports@wildlife.ca.gov.

For information on State Park units impacted by the oil spill, please visit www.parks.ca.gov/incidents.

For additional information on the oil spill itself, visit www.socalspillresponse.com.

 Photo Credit: Petty Officer 1st Class Richard Brahm with the U.S. Coast Guard District 11 PADET Los Angeles