Applications for the FY 2025/26 Boating Safety Enforcement and Equipment (BSEE) grant cycle will be accepted between mid-March through April 30, 2025.

DBW hosted a virtual workshop in March 2024 to provide an overview of the grant application and scoring criteria/matrix as well as recommendations for writing a competitive application. The workshop is posted in the online grant application sidebar on this webpage.

To learn more about the BSEE grant application or to sign up for a future BSEE grant application workshop, email Johanna Naughton at


Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) provides grants to local government agencies to purchase boating safety and law enforcement equipment through the Boating Safety and Enforcement Equipment Grant Program (BSEE).


Local government agencies who can demonstrate a need for boating safety and law enforcement equipment pursuant to the application assessment criteria. Grants are for local boating safety and law enforcement only.


     ·Law Enforcement Patrol Boats
     ·Marine Patrol Equipment
     ·Personal Watercraft (PWC)
     ·Search and Rescue Equipment
     ·Engines, repowers and replacements

Level of Assistance: Up to 100% of eligible costs. Based on the portion of time the equipment will be used for boating safety and enforcement activities.

GranteeEquipment FundedGrant Amount
County of Orange-Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Miscellaneous Equipment $101,500
County of Shasta Patrol Boat and Trailer $130,000
East Bay Regional Park District Outboard Engines and Miscellaneous Equipment $90,144
Fresno County Sheriff's Office Romoteley Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Miscellaneous Equipment $150,000
Imperial County Sheriff's Office Miscellaneous Equipment $10,425
Long Beach Fire Department PWC and Trailer  $30,000
Madera County Sheriff's Office Miscellaneous Equipment  $78,345
Napa County Sheriff's Office PWC and Trailer  $27,000
Nevada County Sheriff's Office Repower $29,000
Placer County Sheriff's Office Miscellaneous Equipment $36,192
Sacramento County Sheriff Miscellaneous Equipment  $29,000 
San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department  Patrol Boat and Trailer  $150,000 
San Francisco Police Department  PWC and Trailer  $48,000 
 San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department Miscellaneous Equipment  $56,100 
Sierra County Sheriff's Office  PWC, Trailer, and Miscellaneous Equipment  $49,268 
Solano County Sheriff  Miscellaneous Equipment  $39,643 
Sonoma County Sheriff's Office  Miscellaneous Equipment  $88,388 
Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department  Patrol Boat and Trailer  $129,930 
Tehama County Sheriff's Office  Outboard and Miscellaneous Equipment  $22,000 
Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office  Patrol Boat and Trailer  $147,975 
Yolo County Sheriff's Office  PWC, Trailer, and Miscellaneous Equipment  $57,090 
Total Funded    $1,500,000


GranteeEquipment FundedGrant Amount
Amador County Sheriff's Office Waterproof Radios, Dive Drysuits, Swiftwater Rescuer Equipment and Sonar Laptop $24,129
American Canyon Fire Protection District Patrol Boat, Lighting, Navigation System and Starter Battery $44,934
Blyth Police Department Code-3 Emergency Signaling Equipment, Drone and Sonar System $40,058
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office Handheld GPS Navigator, Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars, Marine Thermal Handheld Camera, MyFAK Pro and Boat First Aid Kits $18,675 
Fresno County Sheriff's Office Patrol Boat $133,416
Imperial County Sheriff's Office Patrol Boat $150,000
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Fire Protection Equipment, Rescue Dive Equipment and Medical Aid Equipment $39,177
Madera County Sheriff's Office Patrol Boat, Mobile Radio Interfaces and Water Pumps $62,028
Oceanside Fire Department - Lifeguards Repower $90,000
Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Firefighting Nozzles, Fire Hose, Search and Rescue Spotlights, Hard Mounted EPIRBS and Gyro Stabilizing Binoculars $74,000
Redding Police Department Patrol Boat $97,500
Sacramento County Sheriff Electronic Navigation Suite $24,000
San Francisco Police Department Vessel Repower and Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices $84,600
San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department Patrol Boat $150,000
San Rafael Police Department RADAR Systems, Navigation/GPS/Chart Plot, VHF Radios and RDF $76,099
Santa Cruz Port District Simrad Halo Radar and Screen $9,500
Shasta County Sheriff Patrol Boat $150,000
Solano County Sheriff Vessel Repower $85,878
Sonoma County Sheriff's Office  Navionics Package and Seats $24,500
Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Jet Skis and Trailer $47,409
Truckee Police Department Patrol Boat $113,086
Yolo County Sheriff's Office Inflatable Patrol Boat $31,546
Total Funded   $1,570,535