ProjectGranteeGrant Amount
Isleton Waterfront Marina BIG City of Isleton $130,000
Oceanside Harbor Jolly Roger Dock Oceanside Harbor District $691,711
Port San Luis Harbor District Avila Pier Port San Luis Harbor District $199,999
Redondo Beach Pumpout Dock Replacement City of Redondo Beach $200,000
Treasure Island Marina-Transient Dock Treasure Island Enterprises, LLC $1,949,750


Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) is now accepting applications for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, BIG Tier I and Tier II grants. DBW is the designated State entity for administering these programs. Funding is through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program.

These federal grants are for boating infrastructure improvements that serve transient recreational vessels at least 26 feet in length. Transient vessels are those “passing through”, staying 15-days or less.

Projects completed using BIG funds may be publicly or privately owned, but must be publically accessible.

BIG Program is intended to:
  • Enhance access to recreational, historic, cultural and scenic resources
  • Strengthen community ties to the water’s edge and economic benefits
  • Promote public/private partnerships and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Provide continuity of public access to the shore
  • Promote awareness of transient boating opportunities

Tier I

Up to $300,000 is available for projects in California. All Tier I grants must meet the eligibility requirements of 50 CFR 86.20. Each Tier I grant cannot exceed $300,000; however, the State of California may award more than one (1) Tier I grant.

Tier II

Up to $1.5 million may be awarded per project. A total of $14 million is available for Tier II projects nationally. All Tier II grants must meet the eligibility requirements of 50 CFR 86.20.

A complete grant application (see BIG Application Checklist) along with the required supporting documentation must be received by DBW on or before the deadline (TBD). Applications must be submitted to:

USPS:Division of Boating and Waterways
 ATTN: Ethan Tratner
 PO Box 942896
 Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

FEDEX/UPS: Division of Boating and Waterways
 ATTN: Ethan Tratner
 4940 Lang Ave., Dock H, Loans & Grants, Floor 12
 McClellan, CA 95652

For additional information or to discuss the potential project regarding eligibility, please contact Ethan Tratner at (916) 902-8823 or

Application packets that include the following list of documents may be requested by emailing

  • Application Instructions
  • Notice of Funding Opportunity BIG Tier I
  • Notice of Funding Opportunity BIG Tier II
  • FAQ’s
  • Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (50 CFR 86.20) is published in the Federal Register (General information and program guidelines can be found in section 86.11 of the document). All federal funding must comply with state and federal regulations including 2CFR200.