There are many actions we can take to reduce and slow global warming. Boaters can follow the following tips so you can protect the environment and save money and fuel!


  • Check Your Propeller. A damage propeller will waste fuel. Keep your propeller blades clean and in good condition.
  • Balance Your Load.
  • Watch your Boat Weight. The lighter your boat, the less horsepower required to propel it.
  • Plan Your Trip. Any reduction in running time is better for the environment and is fuel and money saved.
  • Check the Tides and the Weather. Do not boat against the tides; it takes more effort and fuel. Save fuel by work with the tides to your advantage.
  • Take Shorter Cruises. California has tons of beautiful areas you can visit without traveling hundreds of miles.
  • Slow Down. Travel at moderate and steady speeds is safer and will reduce fuel consumption.
  • Tune Up Your Engine. Proper ignition timing and clean spark plugs will assure extra mileage and will help to reduce gas emissions.
  • Whenever You Have To Stop, Turn Off The Engine. A warm engine restarts easily. Idling your engine for longer than a minute is worse for air quality than starting up the engine again.
  • Keep Your Hull Clean. Perform regular hull maintenance to prevent hard marine growth and reduce underwater drag. A rough hull can increase fuel consumption (and reacted pollution).
  • Check Your Car and trailer. Keep your trailer and car tires properly inflated to reduce fuel consumption. Don’t overload or use too small a trailer.

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