oil absorbent pad exchangeFind the product best suited to your needs. Absorbents are sold in many shapes and sizes at marine supply shops. Use flat absorbent sheets for oil drips under the engine and in the bilge, to catch fuel spills at the fuel filler fitting or air vent, while filling a portable tank, and to remove an oily sheen on the water. Bilge socks and pads are designed for use in deeper bilge compartments.

  1. Place absorbent in bottom of bilge and secure it.


  2. Check saturation of absorbent periodically.


  3. When fully saturated, remove absorbent and put in a leak-proof bag or container.


  4. Ask your marina or fuel dock operator to properly dispose of the oil saturated absorbent or call (800) CLEANUP (253-2687) for hazardous waste disposal locations near you, or visit www.cleanup.org for disposal locations.

bilge absorbent


  • Please do not throw saturated oil absorbent in the trash. Oil and fuel are flammable. Keep saturated absorbents away from sources of ignition and in a well ventilated area. In California, used oil absorbents are hazardous waste.


  • When using absorbents in the bilge, secure them to prevent clogging or fouling the bilge pump, float or sensor.