Much of the work funded by CSMW has been completed, and results are available on this website. CSMW continues to meet periodically to discuss issues of concern to member agencies, and is looking into ways to continue their work into the future, particularly with respect to implementation of RSM. A few projects are still underway, including:

The Humboldt Bay Harbor Resource Conservation District has initiated assessment, at a programmatic level, the potential impacts of sediment management activities proposed within the Eureka Littoral Cell CRSMP. Report expected near the end of 2019.

- CSMW is part of a stakeholder workgroup striving to find ways to address severe coastal erosion at Surfers Beach (aka El Granada Beach) in Half Moon Bay. The San Mateo County Harbor District has obtained funds and is directing planning activities to conduct a pilot study that will take sand from within the harbor and place it above the mean high tide line, to evaluate potential stabilization of bluff erosion and assess potential ecological risks associated with use of the harbor sand. Project expected to be completed by mid-2020.


CSMW is consulting with the US Geological Survey and the Bureau of Ocean Management in their four-year study of potential sand prospects that could be used for coastal restoration efforts. Basic data compilation has been completed, with field work completed within one of three general locations in federal and state waters.

A final Sediment Master Plan report is under construction, incorporating findings from the 11 CRSMPs and other reports prepared by CSMW since 2003. The report will focus on strategies to implement the RSM activities identified to date and is expected to be completed by 2020.