One of the CSMW's efforts to facilitate and streamline regional sediment management activities associated with beach nourishment includes analysis of local, state, and federal policies, procedures, and regulations (PPRs) affecting coastal sediment management. The project scope of work is being implemented by the State Coastal Conservancy (SCC) on behalf of the CSMW. The SCC has contracted with a consultant/firm/team with experience and expertise in working with and interpreting PPRs.

The PPR analyst team (“PPR Analyst”) will be responsible for analyzing the local, state and federal policies, regulations and procedures that potentially affect regional sediment management, (e.g., beach nourishment) activities. These activities include the dredging/excavation, transportation and “disposal” (e.g., beach nourishment) of sediment in coastal watersheds and littoral cells.

The analyst’s goal will be to identify specific problems within the sediment management permitting process throughout California, and make specific recommendations on how best to resolve those problems in order to streamline that process. The PPR Analyst will also compare and contrast how other coastal states are handling permitting issues with respect to beach nourishment and regional sediment management, and include those measures deemed beneficial to beach nourishment within their final report. Finally, the PPR Analyst will detail specific procedures on how best to implement the recommended changes in order to streamline the beach nourishment process in California. These recommendations will be part of the overall Implementation Strategy, to be developed at the end of the SMP project.