2007 California Boating Safety Report

Table of Contents

Letter from the Director

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section 1: Introduction

  1. Boating Accident Program
  2. Boating Law Enforcement Programs
  3. Boating Safety Education Programs

Secton 2: Boating Accident Program

  1. Limitations of the Analysis
  2. Findings
  3. Accidents Involving Personal Watercraft
  4. Accidents Involving Water Skiing
  5. Accidents Involving Youths
  6. Fatal Boating Accidents
  7. Alcohol Use and Fatal Boating Accidents


Section 3: Boating Law Enforcement Programs

  1. Financial Aid Program (Subvention Program)
  2. Marine Law Enforcement Training Program


Section 4: Boating Safety Education Programs

  1. Educational Outreach to School-Age Children
  2. Education Outreach to the General Public
  3. Public Information Education through Publications
  4. Abandoned Watercraft Abatement Program


Section 5: 2007 Program Enhancements and New Laws

  1. Media Outreach
  2. Other Outreach to the Public
  3. New Laws


Section 6: Accident Data Charts

Accident Form

Glossary of Boating Terms

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2008 California Boating Safety Statistics

Entire Document (1.65MB)

  1. Exhibit II-1: California Boating Accident Statistics 1999-2008
  2. Exhibit II-2: 2008 California Registered Vessels and Boating Accidents by County
  3. Exhibit II-3: California Boating Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities by Location 2007-2008
  4. Exhibit II-4: Vessels Involved in all Accidents by Type
  5. Exhibit II-5: Accidents by Vessel Type from 2004-2008
  6. Exhibit II-6: Vessels Involved in all Accidents by Length
  7. Exhibit II-7: Type of Accidents
  8. Exhibit II-8: Type of Accident by Vessel Type
  9. Exhibit II-9: Accidents Involving Towing Sports
  10. Exhibit II-10a: Cause of Accident
  11. Exhibit II-10b: Cause of Accident by Type of Vessel
  12. Exhibit II-11: Operation at Time of Accident
  13. Exhibit II-12: Accidents by Month
  14. Exhibit II-13: Accidents by Day of the Week
  15. Exhibit II-14: Accidents by Time of Day
  16. Exhibit II-15: Operators Involved in all Accidents by Age
  17. Exhibit II-16: Accidents Involving Youth Operators
  18. Exhibit II-17: Ownership Status of Vessels Involved in Accidents
  19. Exhibit II-18: Rented Vessels Involved in Accidents by Type
  20. Exhibit II-19: Fatalities by Type of Accident
  21. Exhibit II-20: Fatalities by Cause of Accident
  22. Exhibit II-21: Fatalities by Operation at Time of Accident
  23. Exhibit II-22: Fatalities by Month
  24. Exhibit II-23: Fatalities by Day of the Week
  25. Exhibit II-24: Fatalities by Time of Day
  26. Exhibit II-25: Fatalities by Accident Location
  27. Exhibit II-26: Types of Vessels Involved in Fatal Accidents
  28. Exhibit II-27: Fatalities by Length of Vessel
  29. Exhibit II-28: Operators Involved in Fatal Accidents by Age
  30. Exhibit II-29: Fatalities by Age of Victim
  31. Exhibit II-30: Fatalities by Type of Activity and Life Jacket Usage
  32. Exhibit II-31: Fatalaties by Cause of Death
  33. Exhibit II-32: Location of Fishing Fatalities--1995-2008
  34. Exhibit II-33: Fishing Fatalities--Specific Areas--1995-2008
  35. Exhibit I-2: Boating Fatality Comparison
  36. Glossary