Floating Restroom Grants



Applications are accepted through November 10, 2022

As part of its commitment to provide clean, safe, and enjoyable recreational boating in California, DBW partners with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Clean Vessel Act program to provide floating restrooms for boater's use on lakes and reservoirs to prevent sewage from entering our valuable waterways.

In 1992, Congress passed the Clean Vessel Act to help reduce pollution from vessel sewage discharges into U.S. waters. The grant program established by the Act and funded by the Sport Fish Restoration Program helps fund the development, construction, deployment, operation, and maintenance of floating restrooms. The Division of Boating and Waterways, the state grant coordinator for this federal program, provides the required 25% federal match from the Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund.

Grant Programs Available

Floating Restroom

The Floating Restroom Grant procures, delivers and grants DBW-designed ADA accessible floating restrooms.

Operation & Maintenance

The Operation & Maintenance Grant can provide funding to offset the operation costs of floating restroom units.

What are my responsibilites
under this program?

Grantees are required to operate and maintain the floating restrooms for 10 years.

A sign must be installed on the floating restroom that acknowledges the facility was constructed with funds from the Sport Fish Restoration Program, through DBW.

Who is eligible?

The Floating Restroom Grant is available to government entities who operate lakes and reservoirs that are open to the public.

Can I charge for the use
of the floating restroom?

No, you may not charge for the use of a floating restroom funded under this program.

What does it cost me?

As a grant recipient, you will not incur any fees for the development, construction or deployment of the floating restroom. You are responsible to operate, maintain and provide access to the floating restroom for the full period of its useful life, which is 10 years.

How do I apply?

Grant applications for floating restrooms are accepted through November 10, 2022 via DBW’s online grant application system, OLGA. Please refer to the Online Grant Application Instructions above. If you have problems with OLGA please contact Ethan Tratner at ethan.tratner@parks.ca.gov or (916) 902-8823.