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Happy World Oceans Day – June 8!

  1. Reduce waste. Use Less Stuff and Make Careful Consumer Choices.

    • Switch to reusable products and products made from recycled materials with little or no packaging. Simple example: Refuse plastic straws and stirrers, use compostable or pasta stirrers.

    • Refuse disposables, reduce, reuse and recycle (in that order) at home, work and school. Invest in reusable coffee mugs and water bottles and encourage your friends to use them every day in place of disposable cups.
    • Refuse the use of disposable plastic. Implement a No-Plastic rule at home, at your office, at events and parties.

    • Seek out products with minimal packaging and avoid products with excessive packaging. For instance, avoid individual servings in favor of larger packages and bulk foods.

    • Avoid personal care products containing microbeads. If it doesn't say so on the front of the package, you can look for plastic listed in the ingredients. Look for polypropylene,
      polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate or polymethyl methacrylate.

  2. Conserve water. By using less water, excess run off and wastewater will not flow into the ocean.

  3. Use alternatives for less toxic cleaning products.

  4. Choose environmentally sustainable seafood. Remember your choices have an impact on the health of the ocean.

  5. Recycle your fishing line and properly dispose of nets and hooks.

  6. Take public transportation, bike, or walk instead of driving.

  7. Protecting the environment and safely recreating in the outdoors go hand in hand. Commit to implement clean and safe boating practices:

  8. Become a leader. Encourage your friends to adopt “green” habits.

  9. And ...repeat.