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Our Mission

To provide safe and convenient public access to California's waterways and leadership in promoting safe, enjoyable and environmentally sound recreational boating.

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California Boater Card Apply Now!

Do you operate a motorized vessel on California waterways? Take note: beginning January 1, 2018, boaters 20 years of age and younger are the first age group that must carry a California Boater Card when on state waterways.

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Safety Equipment

Carrying the proper safety equipment on your boat is not only smart, it’s the law! Click here to find the required safety equipment for your type of boat. The ABCs of California Boating includes California boating law in an easy to read format.

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Mussel Fee (Quagga) Sticker

California DMV-registered vessels operating in fresh waterways must display a current “Mussel Fee Sticker” on the vessel’s hull next to the registration sticker. Paying the mussel fee is a separate DMV transaction from the registration sticker. Please go to www.dmv.ca.gov/MusselFee to purchase your sticker. They are also available at DMV field offices and at AAA, for members.

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Places to Boat in CA

No matter where you boat in California, a water adventure awaits you—each one as big and unique as the state itself. It can be majestic as sailing around San Francisco Bay within view of the Golden Gate Bridge, or as heart-thumping as riding the flows of the Lower Kern River. Pick a destination!

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Pump Out Stations

Pump it. Don’t Dump it! It’s against the law. Raw sewage can spread disease, contaminate shellfish beds, and lower oxygen levels in water. Marine sanitation devices and pump out stations are readily available throughout the state. You can help by never dumping raw sewage into California waters.

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Boating News and Alerts

Important news for boaters is posted on this website. Safe boating updates, waterway closure and construction alerts, boat inspections and environmental news.

Register your boat today

If you own a sailboat over eight feet long or a boat/vessel with a motor (no matter the size), you must register it with DMV in order to legally operate it on California waterways.