Yacht on the water


The following is a summary of the requirements and procedures for obtaining a California Yacht and Ship Broker License.

Minimum Qualifications to Apply

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have an established place of business located in California (post office box, mail drop or telephone answering service is not a "Place of Business").
  • Employed as a licensed California Yacht Broker or Salesperson for at least one year in the past five years
  • If you have been employed as a California salesperson for one year within the past 5 years, you DO NOT need to have a live scan performed 


  • Have owned and operated a marine business in California selling new or used yachts for a minimum of three continuous years immediately preceding application for a broker's license.
    • ("Yacht" refers to vessels over 16 feet in length and under 300 gross tons)


  • Have been employed, as the primary occupation, as a yacht broker or yacht salesperson in another state for a minimum of three continuous years immediately preceding application for a California broker license.
    • ["Broker" refers to a person who, under a consignment agreement, negotiates the purchase, sale, lease, or exchange of (used) yachts and who does not own the vessels.]

Required Forms

  • Yacht and Ship Broker License Application
  • Yacht and Ship Broker Surety Bond Form and Instruction Sheet (instructions for posting a Certificate of Deposit or Share Account in lieu of the surety bond may be obtained upon request.)
  • Applicant Fingerprint Live-Scan form(s) (only for new and used yacht dealer and out-of-state applicants).

Licensing Fees

  • $200 - Original License
  • $25 - Written examination
  • Total fees are due with the completed application.


  • You must include a current 2"x2", head-and-shoulders, face-view photograph without head covering or dark sunglasses, taken of yourself within one year prior to date of application.
    • Digitized photos are unacceptable.

Written Examination
Upon receipt of the completed application form(s) and appropriate fees, the Division will process your application. A copy of the Yacht and Ship Brokers Act, including the applicable California Code of Regulations and additional information regarding the subject matter covered in the written examination, will be forwarded to you along with the date and location of the examination for which you are scheduled.

License Issuance
After fulfilling all applicable application requirements, obtaining a passing score of at least 70% on the written examination, and the filing of an acceptable surety bond or cash deposit, a one-year license will be issued. Thereafter, the license can be renewed for either one or two years.

Additional Information
For more information, please call Monique Cabral at 916-902-8793 or write to DBW.