The study material in this section provides all of the answers to the questions contained in the broker and salesperson written examinations.

Why the Exam is Required
DBW has a legislative mandate to provide consumer protection to buyers and sellers of used boats that are 16' or longer and less than 300 gross tons. DBW has regulatory oversight and enforcement authority for the laws that govern Licensed Yacht and Ship Brokers and Licensed Yacht and Ship Salespersons. These laws and rules are part of the study material.

Brokers regularly enter into legal, bilateral contracts, in the form of Listing Agreements (the authorization to sell a boat that the Broker does not own) and Offer To Purchase and Sales Agreements. Bilateral contracts involve two or more persons and account for the sale and purchase of property, and include the conditions, obligations, and responsibilities ascribed to those involved.

Subjects For Study For Yacht and Ship Salesperson/Broker Examinations


Examination Lengths
Salesperson examination — 2 hours, 100 questions
Broker examination — 2 hours, 100 questions

Passing Scores
You must correctly answer at least 70% of the questions to pass either examination.

Getting Examination Results
Once you have completed the examination, DBW will notify you by mail to inform you of your results. Please do not contact the Division to inquire whether you have passed or failed your examination.


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