Clean, Drain and Dry Boat Cleaning Procedures


You can prevent the spread of quagga and zebra mussels by using this checklist every time you take your boat out of a freshwater lake, river or stream:

  • Inspect all watercraft and equipment.
  • Clean any visible mud, plants, fish or animals from watercraft and equipment.
  • Drain all water, including from lower outboard unit, ballast, live-well, buckets, etc.
  • Dry all areas.
  • Dispose of debris and live bait in trash.
  • Report any mussels you find to the local marina and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife hotline at (866) 440-9530 or email:


100 Meridian


Fight Quagga and Zebra Book

California’s Quagga/Zebra Mussel Task Force developed a boat cleaning guide book for use by recreational boaters. The information contains general guidelines for all boaters and a basic checklist for inspecting and cleaning boats and recreational equipment for quagga/zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species. There are also additional inspection and cleaning checklists for specific types of boats and equipment.