The following subjects are suggested for study in preparation for the written examination:

* Knowledge of Harbors and Navigation Code and Administrative Code (Yacht and Ship Brokers Act) as used in the regulation and licensing of Yacht and Ship Brokers.
* Documentation of vessels by the United States Coast Guard as set forth in the Navigation Laws of the United States and the enclosed U.S. Coast Guard Documentation of Yachts study sheet.
* The Marine Surveyor. Benefits accruing to the purchaser of a vessel using the services of a marine surveyor in selection and purchase of a vessel. [See enclosed Division Information Letter, May 15, 1997; contact the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) (800) 344-9077, National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) (800) 822-6267, or NAVTECH US Surveyors Association (USSA) (800) 245-4425.]
* Rules and regulations pertaining to the operation and equipment requirements for vessels and recommended safety equipment.1
* Boat registration under the California Vehicle Code.1
Vessel lien sales, Department of Motor Vehicles (see enclosed Section 500-509 Harbors and Navigation Code).
Fiberglass boats.2
* County vessel personal property taxes and tax proration (see enclosed Section 7622 California Code of Regulations).
Knowledge of the California sales and use tax laws relating to administration of the State Board of Equalization (BE). (Neither reference suggested for purposes of the examination. However, you may contact your local BE Office for additional information on the broker's responsibilities in the collection and payment of sales or use taxes from brokerage sales.)

1. ABCs of the California Boating Law or the California Boating Safety Course (enclosed). [For a more comprehensive reference source for recreational boating, review Chapman Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling, by Charles F. Chapman.]
2. Any reputable book on fiberglass boat construction and maintenance.
*Please pay special note to items marked with asterisks.