Mission Statement

To identify and prioritize regional sediment management needs and opportunities along the California coast, provide this information to resource managers and the general public to assist in addressing coastal sediment management issues, and develop strategies to streamline sediment management activities. Such issues may include coastal erosion, environmental impacts, recreational opportunities, public access, dredging, and sediment flow through coastal watersheds.


The California Coastal Sediment Management Master Plan ("Sediment Master Plan" or "SMP") is an ongoing, collaborative effort by CSMW to evaluate California's coastal sediment management needs and promote regional, system-wide solutions. This integrated approach to sediment management enables agencies to work together to leverage financial and intellectual resources. By developing computer-based tools, informational documents, RSM strategies and outreach, the Sediment Master Plan will provide coastal managers with information needed to address coastal erosion and excess sediment problems through beneficial reuse of sediment. Program goals will be achieved by:

  • increasing agency and project coordination;
  • compiling existing information related to coastal sediment management;
  • making spatial data available through web-based mapping and geographic information system products;
  • holding public meetings to identify needs and opportunities;
  • developing governance and technical solutions appropriate for individual regions;
  • proposing more consistent regulations, legislation and policies.

Tools, documents and RSM strategies developed to date are available through hyperlinks to your right. The baseline SMP Status Report 2006 describes CSMWs goals for the effort, priorities and future efforts. The SMP Status Report 2009 and Status Report 2012 update the baseline report and describes CSMW efforts at Plan development to date. Future status reports will be prepared on an approximate tri-annual basis. The SMP is currently being implemented through a series of region-specific Coastal RSM Plans being prepared by appropriate regional entities with oversight and assistance from CSMW. Our informational brochure, Why a SMP is Needed, describes the sediment imbalance problem and how regional sediment management can provide solutions.

Examples of assistance to Coastal managers from components of the SMP could include:

  • identifying and prioritizing sediment-related projects;
  • navigating though environmental and regulatory review;
  • developing opportunistic sand programs;
  • developing Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments; and
  • developing governance needed for effective implementation of sediment management programs.